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Legacy Giving

Georgia Mountain Food Bank (GMFB)
Gift Acceptance Policies


  • Payment of commitments to GMFB may take the form of one or a combination of the following: cash, marketable securities, real property, other tangible property or services that can be reasonably expected to be converted into cash within a one-year time period.
  • Commitments will be publicly recognized and/or commemorated consistent with donors’ wishes and the policies approved by the Board of Directors. Requests by donors for anonymity will be honored.  Permission to publicly recognize a donor and his/her gift will be assumed unless otherwise requested by the donor.
  • We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness and acceptability of a gift and to refuse a gift.


Gifts handled directly by the Georgia Mountain Food Bank:

  • Cash – In cases where the gift is made in cash, the valuation is the total amount of the cash gift (less any amount that represents the value of goods or services received by the donor).
  • Gifts In Kind – Refer to accounting policies.
  • Services – Gifts of services are contributions of actual billable service directly related to the business or profession of the provider. Gifts of services will be recognized at the actual expenses invoiced but not to be paid. Evidence of a gift of service will be a voided or canceled invoice stating the date, type of service rendered, quantity cost, total cost and amount contributed or forgiven.
  • Pledges
    • No verbal pledges will be recognized as having been made. Either a signed pledge or letter of intent must be in possession of GMFB before a pledge is recorded.
    • The normal pledge payment period for gifts to a campaign will be three years.
    • Permanent donor recognition will be based upon the full payment of pledge commitments within a three-year period


You may contact us by phone at 770-534-4111 or by emailing Amber for more information about making your tax-deductible gift, pledge or donation. Additionally, we can accept gifts, through the North Georgia Community Foundation, of the following types:

  • Publicity-Traded Securities
  • Privately Held Securities
  • Real Property
  • Life Insurance
  • Bequests
  • Endowment Funds