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Food donations directly contribute to Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s goal of providing for those in need. Everyone and anyone can donate food. We need the help of individuals, local restaurants and food service businesses as well as corporate sponsors. Whether it’s a few canned goods, contributions from the food industry or even seeds for a garden, food donations are the cornerstone of what we do. We provide several ways in which you can donate food.  To view a list of current community food and fund drives click here.

Host a Food Drive

Food drives are an excellent way to raise awareness, funds and fill our partners’ pantries; all of which directly benefit GMFB and those we serve. These drives make a huge impact on the collection of food that is distributed through the food bank. Food drives are a great way to bring people together in your community for the common goal of helping those in need.

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Donate through our Food Rescue Program

Each month, GMFB receives approximately 90,000 pounds of food items from retail partners, which accounts for about 51 percent of the overall food donations. This large bulk surplus food is critically important to the operation of the organization. GMFB partners with local and national food suppliers, retailers, distributors and companies to rescue food that is “unsalable” to redistribute throughout GMFB’s network.

These large donations are stored in our 20,000-square foot warehouse equipped with cold food storage space until they are redistributed to our partner agencies. In addition, because of our affiliation with Atlanta Community Food Bank, we are able to share food resources between other food banks and increase the variety and amount of food available to our partner agencies. If you or your company has a large food donation that you would like to make, or one that needs to be picked-up, please call our Product Donations Department at 770-534-4111 or e-mail Steve.

Host a Fund Drive

For every dollar donated, GMFB has the ability to provide five meals. Because of this buying power and the relationships in place to purchase bulk food at a discount, running a fund drive is the most powerful way to help increase the food supplies on the shelves of the Food Bank in a hurry. Is your organization interested in hosting an online fund drive? An online fund drive allows you to customize a fundraising page that is branded for your organization and hosted on the Georgia Mountain Food Bank website. To learn more, please contact Steve at

Donate Canned Goods

Canned goods comprise the bulk of our stock and we are always in need of more. By keeping food reserves at our facility, we are able to provide for those in need in a sustainable way. With your donation, we are able to fill our pantries with much needed, non-perishable low sodium/low sugar healthy food supplies. Feel free to bring your donation to the Food Bank directly or call us to schedule a pick-up for large amounts. 

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Donate Directly From the Farm

Georgia is one of the country’s biggest areas for agriculture and we work directly with cultivators who wish to donate. If you’re a farmer and have excess supplies of fruits and vegetables, consider donating them to Georgia Mountain Food Bank. If you are unable to bring your donation to GMFB facility, just call GMFB to schedule a time for us to pick-up your donation.

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At Georgia Mountain Food Bank every dollar makes a difference. In fact, for every dollar donated we can provide five meals to those in need. Extend your impact by partnering with us.