Our Facility

Located in Gainesville, Georgia, our 22,000 square feet logistics and distribution facility allows us the capacity to fulfill our mission of addressing hunger, health and quality of life by serving those in need. Our facility opened in August 2012 and includes:

  • Dry Warehouse Space (with loading docks)
  • Cold Storage
  • Salvage Area
  • Volunteer Action Center
  • Meeting and Outreach Service Space
  • Office Space
  • Community Garden

Components of Our Facility

Agency Distribution Center

Partner agencies pick up food ordered from the food bank inventory. The agencies “shop” via electronic e-harvest from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, as well as select product from the Georgia Mountain Food Bank facility. These agencies include pantries, kitchens and shelters in northeast Georgia.

Volunteer Action Center

Sorting and packing food from food drives and grocery store salvage is a vital component of the food banking process. Community volunteers and groups participate by screening incoming food donated and sorting. The Volunteer Action Center is a great place for organizations, large and small, to hold team-building exercises and a staging area for community outreach programs.

Cold Storage & Drive-In Freezer

Distributing fresh produce, milk, cheese and other refrigerated items to hungry people is absolutely essential to improving nutrition in our community. The cold storage unit provides enough space for a forklift to easily move pallets in and out. With this cooler space, Georgia Mountain Food Bank has the capacity to accept truck loads of donated product. This area allows GMFB the capacity to hold 160 pallets of refrigerated food!

GMFB’s drive-in freezer allows us to provide more nutritional options for our partner agencies and the people in need that they serve. It is vital to have freezer space to store poultry and other meats, frozen fruits and vegetables and dairy products. The drive-in freezer allows plenty of room for a forklift to move food in and out and allows GMFB the capacity to hold 160 frozen pallets of food. We can even adjust the temperature of the cold storage unit in order to transition it into a larger freezer if surplus food arrives at GMFB that needs to be frozen. By storing product at -2 degrees, GMFB is able to use the freezer to preserve even more foods supplied by retail stores and donors.

Distribution Docks & Receiving Docks

Withdrawing and receiving food from Georgia Mountain Food Bank should be as convenient as possible. Distribution docks attached to the Agency Distribution Center provide a safe & efficient means for partner agencies to get the food into their vehicles. Our receiving and distribution docks are spacious with over 1,500 square feet of dry storage space with structural steel pallet racking.

Transportation Fleet

Georgia Mountain Food Bank is currently delivering fresh food and product to partner agencies in all five counties of our service area. With increased storage capacity in the facility, GMFB has refrigerated transportation and experienced drivers to get the fresh food and produce to the rural areas. As the number of partner agencies and feeding organizations increase in more rural areas, the number of deliveries needed is increasing as well.

Meeting and Outreach Service Space

The meeting room is used for volunteer training, community meetings, agency advisory meetings, product training and board meetings. The room is equipped with presentation and sound equipment, as well as attached kitchen to accomodate meal service for a group of varying sizes, and new furniture added in 2015.

Community Garden

GMFB’s outdoor community garden is located on the side of Boomershine Logistics Facility. Its main purpose is to serve as an educational tool to teach about food, nutrition, cultivation and to show where our food comes from. The community garden also provides the opportunity to add fresh produce to people in need through agency distribution.

Donate Today

At Georgia Mountain Food Bank every dollar makes a difference. In fact, for every dollar donated we can provide five meals to those in need. Extend your impact by partnering with us.