Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids be Kids…and Not Hungry

For most kids the sound of the final dismissal bell of the school year — and the first hour of summer vacation – is music to their ears. It is an exciting, exhilarating, electric time of year.

But, for thousands of kids in our five-county service area who depend on free and reduced meals during the school year, it’s a time of anxiety, worry and uncertainty. While some north Georgia students, daydream about trips to the pool and neighborhood games, 1 in 4 wonders if this summer will be like the last few — a time with no food in the fridge.

Without your help and Georgia Mountain Food Bank, thousands of children in our community will miss meals this summer. They will get too little food to sustain their growing bodies. They will worry about eating dinner tonight instead of climbing trees and building forts.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With generous donors and the Food Bank’s resources, we can remove the grown-up worries for kids in our region. We can help kids just be kids all summer long.

Join us on the first official day of summer, June 21, as we launch our Week of Giving to help fight summer hunger and let kids be kids in our community! Every $10 we raise can fill a family’s pantry with 50 nutritious meals — and help get hunger off a kid’s mind.

On behalf of the children who will spend this summer just being kids instead of being hungry, we thank you!

Together we can eliminate hunger this summer.

During our Week of Giving, June 21-28, you can:

  • Venmo @gamtnfoodbank with your donation
  • Text “NOHUNGER” to 1-844-544-7171
  • Make a donation through our website
  • Join our Week of Giving Facebook Event
  • Add our “Let Kids Be Kids” handprint Facebook filter to your profile image by visiting and searching “Georgia Mountain Food Bank”
  • Like, share or post one of our facts about summer hunger and include the hashtag #NoHungerThisSummer
  • Encourage family and friends to join by using our email template below

Georgia Mountain Food Bank is a 401(c)(3) and all all donations are tax-deductible.

Donate Today to Stop Summer Hunger

For every $10 we raise, we can provide a family with 50 nutritious meals to help kids be kids, and not hungry this summer.


Getting Started

Ready to help spread the word? Below are some resources to help you partner with us to help kids just be kids this summer!