Understanding Hunger

Hunger and Poverty in the United States | Hunger and Poverty in Georgia

The United States has reached record unemployment rates. Not since the Great Depression has the country seen so many out of work and scraping to get by. Even though the economy is slowly recovering, those in need are finding it more and more difficult everyday to provide much needed provisions for their families. Nearly 1.51 million Georgians are living in poverty according to the latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey. Oftentimes mothers and fathers have to choose between buying food or paying for medical care, childcare or other monthly bills. Hunger is not limited to only certain people. Children and adults of all ages are susceptible to the anxiety and fear of being without food. However, with your help we can effectively fight the scourge of hunger. Through donations of time and food, our volunteers play a vital role in helping reduce the pain of hunger in our state. The following statistics were compiled by the staff of Atlanta Community Food Bank, a network member of Feeding America. The USDA defines food insecurity as the lack of access to adequate food resulting from the lack of money and other resources; this means they don’t always know where they will find their next meal.

  • 14.4 percent of the people living in Georgia are food insecure.
  • 1 in 4 Georgia children live in food insecure households, which accounts for 20% of Georgia children.
  • Nearly 14.3% of Georgians are living in poverty.
  • 10.3 percent – or about 1 in 10 senior citizens in Georgia are living in poverty.

You can view more statistics on hunger in Georgia here. For more information about Georgia Mountain Food Bank and how you can get involved, contact us at 770-534-4111.

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