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Georgia Mountain Food Bank

Georgia Mountain Food Bank's (GMFB) mission is to address hunger, health and quality of life by serving those in need throughout North Georgia. GMFB provides a vital link between sources of food supplies and hardworking community-based partner agencies who help get the food into the hands of families and individuals who need it. Whether it's distributing food or serving the community through outreach programs, initiatives and resources, Georgia Mountain Food Bank's time to serve is now.
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August 15, 2016
“All our volunteers are vital to our organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively serve the food insecure in our area,” said Kay Blackstock, executive director at GMFB. “The volunteer leadership provided by the board of directors is no exception. While they may not be sorting food in the warehouse or delivering food to those in need, their guidance and expertise is what continues to create a sustainable, mission-focused organization that is growing and thriving.”
July 31, 2016
“Our goal as the Cargill Cares Council is to strategically partner with wonderful organizations focused on improving living standards and promoting stable lives within our community,” said Christine Wages, Cargill Cares Council chairwoman.