Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s (GMFB) mission is to address hunger, health and quality of life by serving those in need throughout North Georgia. GMFB provides a vital link between sources of food supplies and hardworking community-based partner agencies who help get the food into the hands of families and individuals who need it. Whether it’s distributing food or serving the community through outreach programs, initiatives and resources, Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s time to serve is now.


A Look Inside GMFB

Hunger isn’t something that you can see. It isn’t something you hear about in every day conversation, but it exists, right here in our own community. Take a look at how Georgia Mountain Food Bank is working to get food into the hands of those in need by partnering with food sources, volunteers and more than 63 partner agencies.

Latest News

Community Food Drives Help Georgia Mountain Food Bank
GAINESVILLE, Ga.- Thanks to the community’s support, Kroger recently concluded another successful “Can Hunger” food drive, raising $55,252.01 in customer contributions for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank (GMFB). Each year... VIEW ARTICLE
Georgia Mountain Food Bank to Provide Free Food Distribution for Furloughed Federal Employees and Others Affected by the Government Shutdown
WHAT: In response to the government shutdown, Georgia Mountain Food Bank (GMFB) has planned a free food distribution for furloughed federal employees and others who have been affected. The government... VIEW ARTICLE
Feeding America Statement On The Need To End The Shutdown
As a Feeding America partner, we will continue to share important updates about the government shutdown and it's detrimental effects on those we serve. You can visit Feeding America's press... VIEW ARTICLE