Retail Partners

Our relationship with food industry growers, distributors, retail stores and manufacturers accounts for 51 percent of the overall food donations at the Food Bank and approximately 90,000 pounds of food items each month.

This large bulk surplus food is critically important to the operation of the organization. GMFB partners with local and national food suppliers, retailers, distributors and companies to rescue food that is “unsalable” to redistribute throughout GMFB’s network. These large donations are stored in our 20,000-square foot warehouse equipped with cold food storage space until they are redistributed to our partner agencies.

In addition, because of our affiliation with Atlanta Community Food Bank, we are able to share food resources between other food banks and increase the variety and amount of food available to our partner agencies.

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If you or your company has a large food donation that you would like to make, or one that needs to be picked-up, please call 770-534-4111 or email.

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