no-longer-boundNo Longer Bound is a 12-month residential regeneration center for men with drug and alcohol addiction. With a mission to rescue addicts, regenerate men and reconcile families, their program is intensive and it works — approximately 70% of residents will graduate No Longer Bound, free from their addictions and ready for a second chance at life. No Longer Bound is located on a seven acre campus in Cumming, Georgia (Forsyth County).

Founded in 1991, they are celebrating “25 Years of Hope” in 2016. Many who arrive there are at rock bottom and near death, often having tried multiple short-term rehabs; No Longer Bound is their final hope. They have capacity for 42 residents and 15 interns, and are always at capacity with a waiting list. Their residents range in age from 18 to 60; average age at this time is 30. Geographically, most of their residents are from the metro Atlanta area, however they have residents from all over the country, including Arizona, Michigan, Alabama and Missouri.

Theirs is a residential program, meaning the men live and work here in a campus environment, and it’s a 24/7/365 endeavor.

Addiction is becoming more deadly. Addicts unknowingly are buying drugs from dealers mixed with highly toxic ingredients. For example, fentanyl (a highly powered opiate mainly used for treatment of terminal cancer patients) and even elephant tranquilizers. Addiction is becoming a growing problem for communities throughout the state — in Georgia alone, there are an estimated 900,000 people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Each and every man that comes through the doors of No Longer Bound is impacted by the great work of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank and its donors. The 42 men in regeneration, along with 15 interns, require three meals a day, seven days a week, including weekends and on holidays. Work is part of their daily routine — when the lunch or dinner bell rings, they are hungry, grown men, and most consume large portions. During lunch, the staff of No Longer Bound and visiting guests also have dining privileges.

The 10-year partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Georgia Mountain Food Bank, as cited by No Longer Bound, is absolutely critical to their mission. Food is an important part of the healing process for their residents; many men arrive near death, their bodies depleted of nutrition from years of substance abuse. By being able to serve healthy, delicious meals to their residents, it helps to heal their bodies and their souls.