Sorting Non Perishable FoodsEvery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the Dawson Community Food Bank serves Dawson and all surrounding counties. The Dawson Community Food Bank is a ministry of Jesus Name Apostolic Church, a non-denominational church and 501c3 non-profit organization. Their mission is to fight hunger, and they are passionate about providing healthy food to children and adults who must often go to bed without having enough to eat.

The biggest challenge that the Dawson Community Food Bank faces is finances and transportation. They are a small group with a big vision, but they know God will provide for their needs. Before their partnership with GMFB, they could only serve 1 or 2 families a month. Now, Dawson Community Food Bank sees families weep upon seeing the food, hears children saying, “Mommy now we can eat!” and helps the elderly who live off of food stamps.

Without the Georgia Mountain Food Bank, the Dawson Community Food Bank could never serve the amount of food nor the quality of food they can now give to their clients. They are extremely thankful for the work and sacrifices the GMFB makes so that its agencies can fulfill their missions to fight hunger.