Empty Bowl – Brecklynn Allgood Bowl

In 2015, two year old Brecklynn Allgood was diagnosed with childhood lung cancer a month before her third birthday. Up to that point, she was seemingly the perfect healthy child, full of energy and life. That all changed within a few days as the doctors found her main tumor in her lung had spread to her brain, spine, arm and leg. She immediately had brain surgery and then began chemo on Thanksgiving day. She’s had over 30 rounds of chemo, over 30 days of radiation directly to her brain and tumor spots throughout her body, two brain surgeries, two major lung surgeries, and several others, countless nights in the hospital and more. It has been a long road since then with a relapse to the brain and a new trial chemo treatment, but today she is cancer free and living a happy and healthy life as an 8-year-old! Brecklynn is in the third grade and loves school and learning. She loves to play golf and the piano. Some of her favorite activities are gardening and cooking with her Mimi and crafting with her sister. She shines wherever she goes and is such a joy to be around. Her family is grateful for every single day with her. Brecklynn’s bowl represents her journey and the love and support of the Gainesville/Hall County community along the way.