Thanks to community partners including United Way of Hall County, Jackson EMC’s Operation Round Up and Milton Martin Honda, GMFB launched its Neighborhood Fresh Grocery Delivery Program including the purchase of a delivery van and hiring a part time program coordinator.  This program coordinates with community agencies to identify people in their communities who are unable to come to the Mobile Food Pantry due to limited transportation, age, disability, serious illness or extreme poverty, this program aims to distribute fresh food and produce in areas of most defined need.

“We’ll not only be taking and dropping off food, we’ll be giving cooking tips and recipes and those kinds of things to try to get a paradigm shift going,” said Kay Blackstock.  “The aim is to improve the eating habits of low-income Georgians, who often rely on cheap and fast food on limited incomes.

Through the development of relationships and client surveys we hope to prove the case that eliminating barriers we can improve the health and quality of life for these children and families.