Strategic Plan 2023

Major Goals

GMFB will pursue the following major goals over the next five years:

Strategic Initiatives

Each goal is supported by one or more strategic initiatives. Each initiative has its own set of performance targets and associated implementation plan.

Mobile Market

People who live in rural Georgia face hunger at higher rates, in part because of the unique challenges living remotely presents. These challenges include an increased likelihood of food deserts with the nearest food pantry or grocer potentially hours away, job opportunities that are more concentrated in low wage industries, and higher rates of unemployment and underemployment.

A Mobile Market is a proven solution for ending childhood and rural hunger. The key advantage of mobile markets is that they allow for increased distribution of fresh, refrigerated, and frozen items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and other protein items food in communities and neighborhoods that do not have adequate grocery stores or food pantries.

Individuals can shop with dignity at a Mobile Market, choosing foods to their dietary and cultural preferences.

Our mobile market will be a truck and walk-in trailer with refrigeration that delivers food directly to children and rural neighbors facing hunger. With free, nutritious groceries, our rural neighbors are able to stretch their finances to pay for housing, medicine, and utilities. They are also able to stretch their minds to do well in school and at work.

Service Area Demographics 2020-2030

High forecasted population increase rates and general food insecurity rates in the general population point to significantly increased need in the service area over the next decade and corresponding need to increase overall GMFB food distribution.

Five Year Vision

GMFB, in collaboration with our network of partner agencies and community leaders, will ensure access to enough nutritious food for people struggling with hunger and make meaningful progress toward ending hunger throughout our service area.

GMFB’s five-year vision is to exceed pandemic-level food distribution levels and expand our output in alignment with service area growth while increasing nutritional content and distribution reach/equity.

What is a
“Meal Gap”?

The 11 million meal gap is the difference, measured in meals, between a household being food insecure and food secure. While GMFB can provide 6 million meals, an additional 5 million meals comes from other hunger-relief organizations, “food stamps,” and the client’s own resources.

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